Here you find the latest press release from OBeG UG. We look forward to present the latest news about our technology and projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question!

October 2015: Completed BHP Analysis for 3 Biogas Plants

Our pre-treated consortium of bacteria successfully converted sludge and wastewater to biogas rich in hydrogen gas. This provides an opportunity for biogas upgrading as hydrogen reacts with carbon dioxide to improve methane yield and quality.

Biogas Plants Analysed

January 2015: Contract for Biochemical Hydrogen Potential (BHP) Analysis

OBeG is offered a contract by two biogas plant operators in Baden Württemberg to determine the biochemical hydrogen potential of their digesters.

December 2014: End of Innovation Hightech B Project

The project to run a bio-hydrogen reactor in order to experimentally verify the effect of water-oxygen ratio on the conversion of biomass to hydrogen rich gas mixture with living organims has been done successfully with hydrogen gas ranging from 5-50 % depending on type of feedstock.

October 2014: Hydrogen Potential of Digesters

OBeG enters into negotiations with some biogas plant operators in Baden Württemberg to determine the biochemial hydrogen potential of their digesters.

August 2014: Demo Bioreactor on KIT Campus

OBeG starts a demo bioreactor on KIT Campus in collaboration with the Institut für Wasser und Gewässerentwicklung Bereich Siedlungswasser-wirtschaft und Wassergütewirtschaft for process optimization.

July 2014: Gründerzeit Messe Karlsruhe

OBeG exhibited at the trade fair Gründerzeit Messe.
Gründerzeit Messe

March 2014: Innovation Voucher A and B from the Ministry

Our application for Innovation voucher A and Hightech B was approved by the Ministry of Finance and Planning Baden-Württemberg to run a demo bioreactor.
Innovationsgutscheine BW

February 2014: KIC Innoenergy Agreement

A Business Creation Service Agreement (BCSA) was signed for KIC Innoenergy to carry out the Team, Market and Technology Assessment of OBeG.
KIC InnoEnergy

September 2013: EXI Voucher for Coach

OBeG receives support from the Ministry of Finance and Planning Baden-Württemberg to hire a Business Coach.

May 2013: Innovationallianz Karlsruhe Agreement

OBeG signs a cooperation agreement with the Innovationallianz TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe to arrange partnership with a research institute for pilot testing.

November 2012: SIGNO - Partnership

Our application for SME Patent support under the SIGNO – Partnership was approved for the period 01.12.2012 - 31.05.2014.