Biofuel Preparation Hydrogen is not an independent source of energy, but can be used as fuel for internal combustion engines produced from several sources of energy. Hydrogen does not pollute, since the exhaustion is only water vapour. Land, Sea and Air transport call utilize hydrogen as a fuel.

Fuel Cell

The source of energy for fuel cell is primarily hydrogen. For the so called hydrogen economy to be realized, one requires an economic way of producing hydrogen than the current steam reforming method (T >975 K and p > 20 bar). Hydrogen is clean only when the source of production is from a renewable source. Our hydrogen production process that operates at ambient conditions reduces complexity whiles increasing efficiency. Hydrogen is by product of our power generation process that serves as feedstock for conventional fuel cell

Hydrogen fuel-cell generates electric power to move the vehicle. The advantage of hydrogen-powered vehicles is that their only emission is water. This allows considerable reduction of CO2 emissions and other polluting particles from internal combustion engines.