About OBeG

Green Algae Okrah Bio-energie Gewinnung (OBeG) UG is a start up company located in Kalsruhe, Germany. OBeG offers innovative technology for the efficient conversion of hydrogen containing compounds (waste material) to clean fuels (i.e. hydrogen). OBeG focuses on sustainable energy production, innovative and efficient process development. In OBeG, we work with the development of bio-energy by utilizing the microbial degradation of biomass.

We generate exciting biotechnological activities. One of our key areas is bio-hydrogen production. Microbial fuel cell technology is a key area as well. We are continuously attempting to increase the rate and yield of biochemical systems to be competitive for the production of hydrogen and methane.

Our research in microorganisms in relation to production of bio-energy has furthermore led to the enrichment of micro flora capable of producing hydrogen gas at exponential rates. In terms of energy demand, whereas conventional methods require high amount of energy in hydrogen production, OBeG requires no input energy.

At present hydrogen production plants require intensive capital investment. OBeG offers hydrogen producing enzymes that improve methane and hydrogen production at affordable cost. We are motivated and inspired by nature to better serve our customers with clean energy.